Technical Queries
In order for the license generator exe to run, .NET framework 4.5 is required. Make sure that .NET framework 4.5 is installed on your system. To check whether .NET framework 4.5 is installed or not, follow the steps. Click here
Run the application as Administration. To run the application as Administrator, follow the steps. Click here
  • This Error message is displayed when you try to login to the Application, Using system/laptop other than used for registration.
  • When you login after expiry of your subscription period.
  • If your account has been De-activated/ Rejected by the Admin.
This Error message is displayed when you try to login to the Application, without internet connection. Internet connection is mandatory while logging into the application.
If PRDC server is under maintenance. You can try to login to application after some time.
Registration Queries
Send the details to . Your university/college shall be added. After the details are added, you can register in the website.
Yes. Only if the ID proof details match the details provided during registration, administrator will activate the user. Otherwise the registration will be rejected.
Since the validation includes verifying the system configuration, if there is any change in system configuration such as OS change, hard disk change etc. validation will fail. Send a mail to with your user ID. Administrator enables to regenerate the license. Download License Generator zip file and follow the steps followed during the registration to upload new system details. After the successful license file upload, you will be able to login to the application.
There will not be any change in the subscription. You can upload new license and start working with the software.
This error message might be because of any of the following reason.
  • If PRDC server is under maintenance.
  • If the downloaded license file is not properly encrypted. Solution: Download & upload new license file.
Subscription Queries
Demo version can be subscribed only once per user id. Also can be used only once for a system. For example: if two users are using the same machine to register with different mail ids, only one of the user will be able to register for the demo version.
No. Demo version is absolutely free.
Demo version runs for 7 days.
Demo version works for a maximum of 15 nodes.
If the cost of the new package is more than the old package, the difference amount should be paid on pro-rate basis. During subscription, the amount will be calculated by the software based on the number of days subscription remaining with the current package.
Cost of the package is decided based on the modules present in the package, number of nodes and the duration of the package.
Send the details to Package as per the university requirement shall be added. After the details are added, you can subscribe the package.
Yes you can subscribe for any number of packages. But the new package will be activated only when the current package is expired.
Payumoney supports only Indian credit cards, debit cards and net banking. It does not accept international cards or accounts. Contact regarding the payment options.
Support Queries
Support is provided only through email. Request to write a mail to with all the details along with the snapshots to provide the solution at the earliest.
PRDC does provide support only on the technical issues related to the application. Related to network drawing, data validation and checking the data for convergence and other technical issues will not be addressed. However, necessary sample network for the studies and user manuals will be provided to assist the user.